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Welcome To My New Official Website!


Welcome to my new official website!

Here you will discover my new titles to download and play (for example, my duo with Stevie Wonder or Julian Lennon), my latest music updates (opening show for Ringo Starr, private showcases or rehearsals broadcast live, concerts excerpts…), my artistic universe in an interactive way, original video clips and fun promo-teasers, cool pictures as well as a VIP Room for my most faithful fans, in which you will find exclusive and surprising gifts we will offer you on a regular basis!

On my blog  you are also kept up to date with my special favorites, my music discoveries ’so British’, my good deals in town (chic, cozy and trendy tearooms), my burning news, my mood of the day and/or my humor.

So, enjoy your visit and don’t hesitate to leave me your overall impressions and comments following the use of my website…

See you soon!


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Never Trust a Blonde Girl!

Dear Fans,

Once, I was in Miami when I saw this sentence on a t-shirt "Never Trust a Blond Girl wtih a Big Butt". I've kept the beggining of that sentence to offer you my track,

"Never Trust a Blonde Girl" !

Stevie Wonder plays harmonica for Bald studio session in Paris

Dear loved Fans,

I am very proud to announce I have released the part two of my session in studio wtih Stevie Wonder in Paris.


The profession of a sound ingineer

The very funny sad truth !

The Page Turner

I like it!

So funny and useless at the same time!

Happy Birthday To You Mr Lion d(-_-)b !



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